Home Electrical Inspections - Tulsa Electrician Services

Scotty Electric Electrician Service can help prevent disasterous fires.

Our Home Inspection Services Include:

  • Complete Home Electrical Inspection to NFPA Requirements
  • Insurance Company Inspections and Certification
  • Main Service Certification for Power Company Re-Connection
  • Thermal Imaging Service
  • Main Grounding System Testing
  • Power Bill Usage Monitoring
  • Life Safety Systems Testing
  • Cable Insulation Integrity Testing
  • Circuit Voltage Drop Testing
  • Ground Impedance testing
  • Power Quality Studies
  • Inspect and Test AFCI’s & GFI’s
  • Fire damage Inspections and testing
  • Lightning Strike Damage Assessment

Home inspections make good sense whether buying, selling or remodeling a home. Knowing ones home's electrical systems and components are critical when it comes to purchasing, repair and maintenance decisions. In fact, the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) recommends that Homeowners have their homes inspected by a qualified licensed electrician if the home is 40 or more years old, if the home is 10 or more years old that has had major renovation, an addition or major new appliance or you are the new owner of a previously owned home. Inspecting your home will give you peace of mind that not only the core of your electrical system is operating correctly but also the entire electrical system is to NEC specifications.

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So why should you chose Scotty Electric to inspect your home’s electrical system? Our electricians are trained, licensed professionals who have the skills, knowledge, and experience related to the installation and repair of home electrical wiring and equipment. Our electricians are familiar with the electrical building code requirements in the Tulsa areas in which we work and are familiar with the latest requirements of the National Electrical Code® (NEC®).

We are locally owned and operated with over 25 years of experience. Plus, we are licensed, bonded, and fully insured. Our Electricians perform home inspections solutions in Tulsa and the greater Tulsa Area! For more information contact us at 918-363-8060. You can also reach us through our Contact Us form.